Is it a Cold or Allergies?

Cold symptoms usually last a 3-7 days and then stop suddenly. Nasal secretions can be discolored. Patients can have associated increased fatigue, body aches and fever. 

Allergy symptoms can be present for many weeks, Symptoms may be more prevalent a particular time of day as opposed to cold symptoms. May have more sneezing and itching associated with it. 

Common winter allergens:

Animal dander/dust mites: due to being indoors more there may be more dander exposure causing symptoms. 

Mold and mildew: On days when snow melts or it rains, outdoor mold can be present. Indoors, basements and bathrooms may have more mold/mildew if not ventilated. 

Damp wood: if cut wood is stored outdoors it can become moist and bring mold indoors if used indoors. 

During milder winters without a hard frost the fall pollens can persist throughout the winter. 

Conditions Treated

Year-round and seasonal nasal allergies
Eye allergies
        Swollen eyes, itchy eyes, red eye
        Wheezing, shortness of breath
Chronic sinusitis
Nasal polyps
         Sampter's Triad, AERD, Aspirin Allergy
Food allergies
        Peanut, treenuts, dairy, wheat, seafood
Chronic cough
Hives and Angioedema
        Itching, swelling
        Familial Cold Autoinflammatory Syndrome (FCAS)
​        Cold Urticaria
Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)
Medication reactions
       Antibiotics/Penicillin, Aspirin
Contact dermatitis
       Metal,  nickel, cosmetics, hair dye
Chronic itching (skin)
Recurrent infections
      Sinus, pneumonia, ear infection, skin infections, fungal infections
Venom allergy (bee/wasp/hornet)


Patient Testimonials

"Dr. B is the best - she diagnosed my sons allergies (everything environmental inside and outside back in 2004 - started shots in 2006 and now he's done and only taking seasonal allergy medicine."

"I thanked Dr. Gandhi for easing my anxiety with a test to see if I was allergic to a medication that I had been told I was. Her patience, knowledge and understanding helped me greatly and I am now able to take my medication without any concern" 

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